Dog Days

05 Aug

It’s been thunderstorming for most of the day today, but Tilly and I took advantage of a few hours of sunshine in the middle of the afternoon to explore a dog park.  The Bill Archer Dog Park is about 20 minutes away from my new place, and though there are dog parks closer, this one sounded like it was worth the trip.  It’s huge, and has a pond and a separate area for small dogs so you don’t have to worry about running them over. . . haha.   Tilly had the best time!

The bone shaped pond at the dog park

Tilly was totally unsure about going in the water.  She’s never been swimming before.  She kept pacing around the edge of the pond while the other dogs were splashing around and chasing tennis balls.  After a little while though, she must have gotten overwhelmed by the spirit of the moment and she launched herself all the way to the center of the pool.  She looked like she surprised herself, but she swam right out and seemed happy with her new discovery.

A wet and happy dog!

Tilly and her new friend

A fire hydrant in the dog park

The park had an agility course and a bunch of fire hydrants, which I thought were sort of funny.  Also, since it had just rained, there were lots of puddles.  One of the funniest parts of the whole day was when Tilly went bounding through a big muddy puddle and totally went underwater for a second.  She had to dogpaddle out and was totally covered in muck, but it was pretty hilarious.

The giant sinkhole where Tilly accidentally went swimming

All in all, she had a great time and was totally worn out by the time we left.  I was really glad to have a canvas waterproof dog hammock to protect my backseat since she was so dirty.  I rinsed her off quickly before we left at a station the park had set up near the parking lot just for that purpose, but it hardly helped.

As soon as we got back to my apartment, I gave her a bath.   In my old place, I used to do it in the laundry sink or in the backyard, but since I no longer have either one of those things, I did it in the bathtub.  It worked out pretty well, and now she’s all clean and pretty tuckered out.  🙂

Shake shake shake!

All clean!

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