26 Jul

Well, we finally made it to Louisville.


I said goodbye to Pittsburgh this morning, and me, my parents, Tilly, and everything I own loaded into my car with a trailer attached set off down the road.


Tilly hanging out in the backseat. I”m lucky because she’s really good about riding in the car.










A trip that was supposed to take 6.5 hrs took more like 9.5, but nothing catastrophic happened.  What was bad, however, was the weather.  In that span of time, we drove through five (5!) intense thunderstorms, the kind where you have to slow down to like 40 mph and put your flashers on and you can barely see the tail-lights of the car in front of you.


However, I did feel sort of accomplished since we drove through so many states (PA, West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky).  It made the miles feel like they were going a little faster.



Something helpful I came across when planning the trip was this list of hotels that let your pet stay with no fee or deposit – there are lots of chains that allow dogs, but only a few that won’t charge you for it.   It feels pretty weird to have a dog in a hotel room; Tilly’s not sure how she feels about it either.  I am pretty excited to go to sleep though, so I’ll say good night.  On to Little Rock tomorrow!!

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